all photos: Natalie Fiol


Good Morning, Arcadia looks at sixteen women in the night. Through an obsession with the weight and potency of the open dark sky, the women construct a rich community between themselves as a way to define their identity without the culture of men. Waiting for the dawn, in a series of romantic rituals, each female conveys her own tribulations alone and also with each other.
Performance by Katie Mullen, Lauren Vermllion, Susan Powers, Leila Henry, Alexandra Saveanu, Anna Clarke, Jade Peeples, Monica Remes, Ashley Cizmar, Laura Brosch, Cara Newman, Allison Grissom, Katy Kantner, Nora Tonge, Annie Flaherty, Elyssa McNeil

Krannet Center for the Performing Arts
Champaign-Urbana, IL
November 2010