photos by Sarah Sunderman

Johnnie Wood IV
Johnnie Wood
Tim & Loretta Dodd
Wedee Kao
Jody Oberfelder
Harlan Alford
Erin Holt
Anastasia Pappageorge
Sydney Freggiaro
Dustin Ebaugh
Victoria & David Courvoisier
Carol Fassler
Hope Goldman
Jennifer Allen
Graeme Spicer
Rachael Pazdan
Nicholas Croft
Anastasia Pappageorge
Allison Jones
 Eric Chaves
Scott Ladenheim

Cara Newman
Lauren Tuvell
Kaila Stivers
Nico Brown
Isabelle Collazo
Danee Sarman
Laura Murray
Rick Herron
Jennifer Hughes Buell
Tere O’Connor
Philip Dahlheimer
Keith & Keri McCoy
David Simison
Brendan Smith
Kathleen Wolz
Zach Bowles
Tiana Fridley
Raymond Jimenez
Stephanie Zaletel
Donna Lister
Sal Lahoud
Nikk Bowers


Grace Courvoisier is a freelance artist living and moving in New York City & Los Angeles. Miss Courvoisier depends on the generous contributions of her artistic community and beyond to continue making work. Please consider becoming a part of the ever expanding GC&DC network of donors by making a contribution today. Thank you for your generosity, and we look forward to your continued support!